Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thursday 28th July

The day dawned cloudy but dry. I we set off once again. Soon we were at lock woke fairly early so decided to take a walk up to the road at Newbridge, only about a ¼ mile away. The bridge itself is typical of many in this area, single track with traffic lights. There are two pubs here, one each side of the river. Both look inviting if you're looking for a meal or drink.

Soon after we set off the river starts once again to wind sharply, it also is becoming noticeably; narrower.

After Shifford lock the river's wanderings become even more tight, with some of the turns doubling back on themselves. With 60' to play with it gets interesting, specially if you meet someone on the corner.

We continued following the seemingly chaotic twists and turns for about 15 lock/miles and have chosen another secluded mooring near Kelmscott, with just a few cows as neighbours. Unfortunately the manor here isn't open to vistors today.

Once again being out in the country the phone signal is very poor, I'll try to send this but it will be touch and go.. There should have been a picture with this post but the connection is so slow the last one took 45 minutes to load so I'll save it until we get a better signal.

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