Friday, 23 July 2010

Whirly bird (top) and pretty bird

Up at the crack of 8.00 this morning (ok it's not that early), after breakfast we set off for Mapledurham lock.
Last night we heard a helicopter quite close and watched this thing land in a garden. Must be a banker!
After passing through the lock we found a full set of amenities and cleared out all our rubbish, took on water and emptied all our cans.
In a short time we came upon Beale Park. Cath wanted to visit this attraction so we have moored up for the night. A short walk around the perimeter brought us to the main gate where we were relieved of some coin of the realm and allowed in. this is a great day our for a family. There are a wide variety of birds and animals plus the national model boat collection. the attraction also includes a narrow railway ride, a picnic area and reasonable cafe. The annual IWA bash will be held here once again, and it is a fine venue, with entertainment for the kids thrown in.

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