Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Last night's mooring was nice and quiet, most of the time. The neighboring house was advertising eggs for sale and several cockerels were having a competition for loudest voice, but what the heck, it's the countryside. Another problem of the location was that the water level fluctuated wildly due to the action of the locks. One minute we were beached and listing badly, the next we were floating so high the ropes were straining. As the use of the locks decreased towards evening the level stabilized.
No television so we watched an old Clint Eastwood video.
This morning we had decided to get an early start again because the weather forecast said rain later. As we set off there was a very fine rain so we decided to continue. We teamed up with 'Doyle' to go through the final three locks up to the summit level. They were in a hurry to be somewhere so we let them race ahead telling them not to wait at the next set of locks.
The rain continued intermittently as we plodded along the summit pound and through Bruce Tunnel. We had considered stopping at Crofton Top Lock because of the rain but the mooring here isn't very good so we set off down. At the next lock we caught up with Doyle so teamed up again to go down the next 5 locks to outside the Crofton pumping station where there is good mooring. Here we are now for the night
Here's our position tonight

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