Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thursday 3rd, November
A busy day today. First I had to disconnect and remove the control panel for the central heating system, then lift off the back doors and remove the wooden doors surrounds. All this gave sufficient room for the washing machines to pass out of and into the boat.
The delivery team arrived just before noon and the two machines changed places without too much trouble.
Once the delivery men had departed, taking the old machine with them, I started connecting the new one to all services. Soon it was time to put the first load in it and see how it performed.
All went well, as expected it is quieter and faster than the old one so all we can hope for is that is more reliable as well.
We've also made a start on applying the double glazing film to the saloon windows and two of them are finished. Hopefully it will stop, or at least lessen that bugbear of narrowboats, condensation.

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