Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wednesday 16th November
Spent some more time today exploring. We're looking for a good sized out of town supermarket because the in town ones are usually small and expensive.
Today I took the bus looking for the Asda at Holt Park. Nice bus ride, it's been a long time since I sat on the top deck of a bus at the front just looking at the scenery. Not a bad size of supermarket there, so it's one we may use for bigger shopping excursions.
The next one to try is at White Rose Centre where we are told there is a large Sainsury's.
Finally fixed the problem with our heating unit. The air inlet filter for the compressor was clogged up. As soon as I removed it the flame intensified and the water started to get hotter almost immediately. It seems that the maker changed things slightly around the time ours was made. They changed from a third party compressor to their own make one, and changed the inlet filter at the same time. The spare filter which I bought with the unit turned out to be for the old model, so I had to modify the fitting to make it work. All is well again now, and we're toasting nicely!

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