Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday 14th November
Life is settling down to the routine of a fixed mooring. Bits and bobs of maintenance, shopping trips into town and visits to local attractions.
Last weekend we were visited by Paul and Jacqui. They came, as always, loaded down with food and drink. A great time was had, including a night out at Mumtaz, the Indian restaurant on our doorstep. It's great place, the food was excellent and the atmosphere wonderful. The only slight niggle came when we wanted to pay. Something didn't go right with the system, we don't know what, but we ended up waiting more than 20 minutes to pay our bill. They were very apologetic and gave us some lovely sweetmeats to take home.
On Saturday Martyn from Travelsat turned up to deliver a quad LNB for our satellite system. I've recently bought a Sky+ box on ebay so needed the extra input. Once we had installed the extra lead and connected it all up a quick phone call to Sky to pair our card with the new box and activate the record function and it was all working properly. We've now dumped our failing old DVD recorder which leaves an ideal place to store my computer when not in use.
Once again we seem to be having trouble with our heating system. It appears to work OK, fires up and runs, but the radiators aren't getting as hot as they used to. I've cleaned out the burner, which was very clogged up, but it still isn't right.

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