Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wednesday 2nd November
Yesterday we went up to Damon's where I started to re-hang his driveway gate. Only started, because the hinges we bought are not man enough for the job so I'll go back some time and have another stab at it.
We're setted in to our mooring now, but haven't seen any neighbours to speak to yet, except for one, whose story brings food for thought. He's been thrown off several mooring around here, can't pay fees, but BW say they want him where they can see him. He told me that as soon as Housing Benefit pay up for the mooring he'll be off again!
This morning we'll go into town to try and sign in at a local surgery. We are expecting a certain amount of unwillingness from them as when we went to enquire about it, the desk clerk tried several things to put us off but finally gave us forms to fill in. The lack of mailing address here is one of the points brought up, not having any documents like driving licence or bank statement with this address on is another.
I've found a new washer/dryer to replace our sick one and will go and buy it today. I hope this one will be more reliable than the last.

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