Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesday 22nd. November
The quiet life in Clarence Dock continues. Work on the boat isn't progressing at a pace, too lazy I guess.
We had a fine time babysitting Daniel on Saturday night. At the same time I finally finished re-hanging the driveway gate at Damon's and made a start on an oil change on his car. You may well ask how you only start an oil change. Well, the first problem encountered was the failure of my new electric oil change pump. This thing has been a disappointment, I've only used it once on our boat engine, and now it's failed totally. Luckily I took along my manual pump as well so we got the oil out of the sump. Next stage, change the filter. No go. My filter wrench won't go small enough to grip the little filter on this model, and there's no room to get a strap wrench in there. So we left the filter in place and we'll try to get the right size socket to fit the filter later.

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