Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday 11th October 2012
After a week of having the gates to the dock closed they were open again for last weekend. 
On Saturday morning I wandered over to the gates for a look and found several boaters hanging around them waiting for C&RT to open them up. Apparently someone had turned up and unlocked, but then had gone away without opening them saying they had things to do but would be back later to open up. Finally they returned and the way to freedom was clear. There was then a mad flurry of movements as boats came and went. There were two boats moored up to the high wall outside the dock waiting to come in, and nearly all of the boats trapped inside made a run for it as soon as the gates opened.
We had an interesting day on Wednesday. With the weather still staying dry we decided to take a train ride to Harrogate for a look around. It's a pretty place, and we'll go again as it takes more than a day's mooch around to do it justice.
It's been fairly dry all week, and the river level is still dropping. The forecast for tonight says rain, but then clear again tomorrow. We've decided to start our trip to Castleford then, just to ensure nothing prevents us for making it to our appointment with the boatyard on Monday.

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  1. Hi Both. Have a good trip to Castleford. Hope you don't get stuck there after the hull is done!


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