Sunday, 13 October 2013

A great day

Sunday 13th October 2013
Despite the dire predictions of the Met Office, the weather wasn't too bad. it did rain at bit, but nothing like the predicted 80% heavy rain.
To Paul and Jac turning up on Friday, we added a load of visitors today. My cousin Gail, with husband Derek, they brought her niece Terry, who, to our delight is expecting her first baby in only about 5 weeks. Later Damon, Liz and grandson Daniel.
All ten of us then descended on the pub, Daniel headed straight for the Wacky Warehouse of course.
After lunch we retired to the boat where puddings were the order for some. There was a choice of blackberry and apple crumble, or chocolate cake from Jacqui's kitchen, or banana cake from Liz's. Derek and Gail had brought a box of chocolates, so the boat was almost sinking under the weight of puddings, and if we eat as much of them as I would like to we probably will.
We plan to head towards Leeds tomorrow, that is if the rain holds off.

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