Friday, 25 October 2013

Storm coming

Friday 25th October 2013
Its Friday evening and after a wet morning the sky cleared up a treat, the afternoon was lovely. As the sun sets once again the clouds are gathering out to the west, and I'm sure I've heard a rumble of thunder.
 Cath reminded me about 20 minutes ago that I was going to check out electric meter to make sure we had enough. Oh damn! I think we've got another card. Oh dear, we haven't. Check meter, only £1.60 left, probably not enough for the weekend, and the office is shut.
A quick trip to Sally and Mike's boat "Bendigo", and as ever they have spares. What would we do without them, so helpful.
On the shaft seal front, I've given up my attempt to just change the lip seals. Dave, from "Pas Meche" had to have his complete shaft, seal and tail bearing replaced recently, and he kept some of the bits, which included the seal housing.
I thought that this would give me a chance to change the seals in the housing and then have one ready to slip into place when I started the job.
When I had a look at his housing, I wasn't able to get the old ones out, because they appear to be molded in place. This gave me pause for thought.
I phoned Kings Lock for advice, and was told that to change just the outer seal was probably false economy. The self aligning bearing, just aft of the seal will almost certainly be worn, and not replacing this will probably cause early failure of the new seal.
With this advice in hand I decided to bite the bullet and buy the whole lot, seal and bearing.
I must say the delivery service from Kings Lock was excellent. Ordered yesterday, late afternoon, delivered this morning!
Cath decided that we would have mussels for dinner tonight. I have to admit I was less than enthusiastic, but I'd have to give them a go. Unfortunately, they were a bit of a disaster and neither of us were impressed with the outcome.
Monday, the weather is set to become really bad, so with past experience of the wind tunnel that this place can become I've taken our Sky dish from the roof and put in the cratch area. We did this last year and it was quite successful.
We are expecting guests from Gloucestershire on Sunday. Friends from our old TR car club 'Glavon' are visiting York and will call round to us on their way back home. We haven't seem them for a few years now so look forward to meeting them again.

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  1. I am sure they will have a great time with you, have seen they are up in your area on facebook already.

    Mussels, Yuk!


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