Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A lovely trip to Ferrybridge

Tuesday 8th October 2013
Another glorious day. In bright sunshine, which even had some warmth in it, we set off through Pollington Lock.
The bright sun was on our backs as we plodded our way along the A&C. We weren't quite sure how far to go today. There was a choice of stopping at Ferrybridge, or continuing on to Castleford.
After about an hour of travelling, the wind, which had been steadily increasing, stiffened sharply. I gave up the hardy approach and donned my coat and scarf. While the sun shone it was quite good, but the clouds started to build up, and whenever they hid the sun the perceived temperature plummeted.
We made excellent progress, passed through Whitley Lock earlier than we had thought we might. This made us think again about where we might stop today.
The decision was made to stop early, that is at Ferrybridge, and make a start on the boat cleaning for our weekend visitors. We now have a bit of a crowd coming for Sunday lunch. There could 9 of us.
We moored up before lunch, and after a spot of nosh we launched into cleaning mode. I fired up the steam cleaner and attacked the tiles in the bathroom, and behind the hob in the kitchen. Cath got on with the ironing.
Later on we were joined on the mooring by Rebecca. Bob and Marie moor their boat at Clarence Dock the same as us. We had a long chat about the usual boater things, batteries, electrics, and, of course toilets. These are the favourite topics whenever boaters gather!
Here's us tonight (clicky link)

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