Saturday, 12 October 2013

A visit to Stanley Ferry

Saturday 12th October 2013
Having been unsuccessful yesterday in Morrisons getting a bottle of Southern Comfort for our weekend guests I went back this morning, on the promise that a delivery would be made. No such luck, it seems that the morning delivery was stretching the truth a bit. I also wanted some blossom honey, but they didn't have that either. All in all I wasn't impressed with the Castlefield Morrisons.
I wandered back into the main town and managed to get both of the things we needed in the Coop, and the Southern was on offer.
Paul and Jacqui arrived in mid afternoon, and of course the "Southern" was opened almost immediately.
Cath produced a wonderful beef in wine stew, followed by apple crumble. We then had a few more drinks while we set the world right again.
This morning we set off for Stanley Ferry. Paul took their car to the pub car park there, and then cycled back to meet us at Woodnook Lock. While waiting for him we took the opportunity to fill our water tank.
At Ferry Bridge we managed to get a mooring without any trouble. I had been a bit concerned that it would be crowded, but I needn't have worried.
Tonight we piled into the car and went into Wakefield where we had booked a Greek restaurant. It turned out to be a cracker. The food was excellent.
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