Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Wednesday 8th October 2013
As the weatherman predicted, today was the start autumn.
We woke up to fine sunshine, but there was a certain nip in the air. After leisurely breakfast we started up began a slow plod to Castleford. As expected, Ferrybridge Flood Lock was open, so no stopping there. Because it was only a short trip I decided to go fairly slowly so that we wouldn't need to run the engine to finish off the washing while moored up.
Not long after setting off the sun disappeared behind some clouds, and a stiff breeze got up. I quickly reached for a thicker coat and a hat. By the time we reached Bulholme Lock it was perishing. Shades of things to come me thinks.
Once we arrived, I steered for the service block so that we could chuck a can, and then headed back to the moorings. We've taken a spot on the north bank, just to the east of the road bridge. It's a good spot where we can get satellite TV and there's somewhere for Paul and Jacqui to put their car overnight on Friday.
This afternoon we decided to go into town and get a bit of shopping, we'll do it several trips as there is a fair bit to get for the weekend. On the way back we got caught in a torrential downpour less than 5 minutes away from from the boat. Not long after that the sky cleared and the sun came out. Bad timing, or what?
In the satellite piccy we're moored right where the barges are (or were)
We're here (clicky)

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