Sunday, 27 October 2013

A visit

Sunday 27th October 2013
Due to the clocks going back there was a good opportunity for a lie in this morning, well for me anyway. Unfortunately Cath had a rough night. Yesterday she started to get pain in her upper arm area, which got much worse overnight to the point where she couldn't get much sleep. She ended up sleeping in a chair poor girl. Looks like she's got what is commonly called frozen shoulder. Very painful.
At about 11 am our expected guests arrived, bearing gifts. Not only a lovely fruit cake, but a very nice little wind up LED lantern.
Andy and Gill West, Kevin and Jane Jones had been visiting the Railway Museum in York, and broke their journey back home to call on us.
It was wonderful to see them again and reminisce about "old times". Also to get the news of old friends from Glavon TRs.
Unfortunately the only picture I got of our group is not a good one. I used my phone instead of getting my camera out.

Luckily others took pictures, and I hope they will send them back to me for inclusion in my album.
Thanks to all of you for coming to visit. We may see you some time in the new year when we once again visit Bristol.

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