Monday, 8 August 2011

After looking at the weather forecast last night we decided to make a start on the journey back towards Manchester. Just after setting off there was a sharp shower but it let up as we approached our first stop, the marina we may spend this winter in. I wanted to have a word with the manager and have a look at the facilities.
As we have found a great deal on this canal, we couldn't get to the side to moor up properly so Cath stayed to look after the boat while I met the man. The heavens opened and poor Cath got a real soaking.
After she changed we set off again hoping to get as far as Roaches Lock, which is the first place we know we can get a mooring. Despite the assurances of The Meteorology Office the rain persisted down and by the time we got to the mooring we were both fed up and damp. Our plan has always been to moor up and wait out any really bad weather but here that wasn't possible because we couldn't get to the side with the shallowness of this canal.
Tomorrow, once again, they say the weather won't be too bad but Wednesday and Thursday will be foul. We'll see!

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