Saturday, 27 August 2011

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After ploughing on to the bottom of Barrowford Locks we moored up to await the arrival of our guests. They had set off in good time, but as usual the best laid plans and all that. The bank holiday traffic started early and to compound matters the turbo on their car seems to have given up the ghost, and although the car kept going  it made progress slower.
They duly arrived just in time for dinner and we managed to get the car right alongside the boat to make luggage transfer easy. Paul had brought me a modification for the tension adjustment on our Travel Power generator belt that he had made for me. I'll fit the next time the belt needs adjustment.
Friday morning we were up and at 'em, and while Paul started taking the car to the next destination we started up the locks. Before we had reached the top Paul had cycled back to meet us and was already off hunting for geocaches. There is still one, at the bottom of the locks which defies all efforts to find it.
With the climb up the locks we had reached the summit level and soon entered Foulridge Tunnel, a mile long tube, controlled with traffic lights to allow only one way travel. Emerging from the Foulridge end we moored up next to the Cafe Cargo, where we had lunch. A nice place.
Unfortunately the service block here is now permanently disabled, we were told because of an error in re-laying the drains.
Friday night we all piled in to the car and set off to Haworth meet an old friend from our days working at Cauldron Foods. Jamie and his wife Liz made up a party of 6 at a very good restaurant in this small town, more famous for its association with the Bronte sisters. It was good to see him again and it was our first time meeting his wife Liz.
After the great night out we got a slow start this morning (Saturday) and started the long descent into Leeds with the 3 Greenberfield Locks. We then carried on for about 3 miles to East Marton where we will stay tonight and probably all day tomorrow.

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