Friday, 12 August 2011

A magnificent mill chimney at Ashton u Lyme
Friday 12th August
At last we've moved again. The weather has been terrible over the last couple of days, at least the weathermen got it right for once.
The mooring we took in Stalybridge was very handy, right outside Tesco, but it was a bit noisy. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights the rain kept any yobbish elements from outdoor antics but last night it was dry and they were out again. There was no trouble, just very noisy with both girls and lads yelling well into the small hours.
This morning we set off intending to get to the top of the 18 lock flight down to the Rochdale canal junction. British Waterways advise that it isn't a good idea to stop anywhere in the flight because of trouble with local youths. However once we get to the Rochdale Canal will find ourselves at the top of a flight called The Rochdale 9. It was here 4 years ago that we were banged on several times in the night by drunken louts. This flight leads down to Castlefields, a nice safe mooring in the middle of Manchester.
We're now tied up just above the 18 locks and hopefully will get down them tomorrow if the weather is kind.

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