Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A much better day today. The sun shone for  most of the time as we dragged our way along the bottom of the canal. After a couple of locks the situation improved, and as long as we stayed dead centre we didn't hit the bottom too often.
We continued until the services at Bywith Lock where got rid of rubbish, filled with water and chucked a can. After a spot of lunch we carried on as far as Stalybridge and have moored up outside the big Tesco.
I took a walk around the town and it's depressing, there are a huge number of shuttered shops and for sale signs. Makes me wonder if this huge Tesco has devastated the small businesses around here.
This afternoon I remembered that we had a bit of juddering on the tiller as we came out of the last lock so I took a dive into the weed hatch and sure enough came out with a length of rope. I then decided it would be a good idea to transfer the fuel which we carry as extra in barrels on the back deck into the main fuel tank so that I could put the empties down in the engine room. I don't think it's a good idea to have fuel sitting around on the deck on a city mooring.

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