Friday, 19 August 2011

Paired up for the "Wigan 21"
Last night, while we waited for BW to fill the Wigan pound Malcolm, from nb Bart came around looking to pair up for the flight. I had nearly given up hope of a pair as all the boats I had spoken to were heading the other way at the junction.
This morning we set off with 2 locks to do before the junction and then the "Wigan 21". A 214 ft climb up to the Chorley pound. Having a pair, as usual made the task much less daunting and we made steady progress, only hindered by having to follow another pair who were a bit slower than us, also some of the pounds were very low and both our boats grounded in one of them.
At the top of the flight we moored up for the night and I decided to go looking for a shop because we had run out of wine. I ended up walking all the way back into town! My legs feel shorter!

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