Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday, 23,24 August
After a lovely quiet night at the out of town mooring (see last entry) we set  off  for Burnley. The weather was lovely as we once again found ourselves enjoying the wonderful views of hills and valleys from our position on the canal.
Here the Leeds & Liverpool winds its way, following the contours of the land in this long, lock-less section. This gives the boater the opportunity to see for miles over the countryside.
Burnley is another of the typical mill towns around here. A lot has been done to try to overcome the effects of the loss of much of its industry, but the low house prices and closed shops still tell of a community with high unemployment.
Despite mooring fairly near to a pub we were not disturbed at all overnight and this morning we set off for Nelson where there is a Morrisons close to the canal, with its own secure mooring. After a short expedition to get essentials for tonight I took a walk into the town. It looks like they are doing a great job of trying to make the place clean and modern. There is much being done and it looks good, but once again the house prices look like a steal if you live anywhere that there are good employment prospects.
We'll stay here tonight and move off late tomorrow to meet Paul and Jacqui at the bottom of Barrowford Locks.

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