Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday 7th October
After an early morning provisioning raid on Tesco we finally shook the dust of Doncaster from our heels. Donny was a good place, plenty to see and do, good shopping and mooring, and, as an added bonus for us, because of our heating failure, we could get power as well. Just to be a bit picky, it could do with an elsan disposal point to make it near perfect.
We bowled along today, in a brisk cool wind with partly cloudy skies. The wind had quite a chilling effect when the sun was hidden, and blew the boat about a bit while mooring for locks or bridges.
We've stopped for the night just after Sykehouse Lock. I transferred some fuel from our barrel stock and reckon we've used about 100 lts in the 3 weeks since filling up at Stanley Ferry. However, on reflection, about a week of that was spent moored up and plugged in, so 2 weeks of running would be more accurate.
The pics I've added are of an aqueduct over the River Don, near the defunct Thorpe Marsh power station, which has huge guillotine gates at either end.

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