Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tuesday 4th October
We had to move today to empty our loo cassetts as there are no facilities here at Doncaster. It gave us a chance to buy an electric card from the BW people at Long Sandell lock. We've now returned to Doncaster while we make our mind up about the non working Hurricane heater.
We're having trouble with the supplier over this. Diagnosis over the phone is difficult, and their guarantee only seems to cover parts. This means we either take the unit to them, not really an option as it's very awkward and heavy to remove, or pay them an exorbitant fee to come and service it. At least £300. The man who makes the decisions at Calcutt, isn't available and no one knows when he'll come back.
We're back on a mooring at Doncaster and snugly plugged in, so all we do now is wait for more info from Calcutt Boats.

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