Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday 1st October.
Just a few miles and 2 locks today. But not before having to recover one of our life rings from the river. Some charmer must have grabbed it off the roof and just chucked it. Luckily the river is very low and not flowing so the ring hardly went anywhere.
Last night we ate out a very good riverside pub called The Boat. We both enjoyed our meals immensely.
The weather has continued to be gloriously hot, doesn't suit Cath, but I love it.
Once again we're in Doncaster, and we may spend a day or two here again, but nothing is settled.

On another note I see that BW have postponed the date that winter moorings become available for purchase. They originally told us around the 4th of Oct but now it's back to the 17th.
There is a lovely viaduct over the Don which we cruised under. Sad to say that it's disused.

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