Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday 15th October
We had a fine meal last night in The Golden Lion in Ferrybridge, right in the shadow of Ferrybridge A power station.
This morning, under wide and handsome clear skies we set off through Ferrybridge Lock and cruised along The Aire. The banks here are fairly high and wooded giving a tranquil scene. It surprised us that this late in the year there isn't much sign of autumn colours yet.
Arriving at Castleford we found the visitor moorings full, so after using the facilities we moved off and found a place on the opposite bank. I then took a walk into town for a bit of shopping. While there Cath phoned to say that we had moored in someone's long term spot and they wanted it back by 3.00 o'clock. By the time I returned other boats had turned up and we only just managed to squeeze in further down.
If all goes to plan we'll be in Leeds tomorrow afternoon.

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