Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday 9th October
What a windy day! This has been the windiest day I can recall us moving in. Setting off this morning it took a really good shove to get us off the side against the wind. We shared the lock with another boat and they operated the lock for us. We moored on the other side to use the facilities before carrying on.
As we cruised along we were very glad that this waterway is wide. The wind was taking us quite badly, and the waves on the water actually caused us to pitch and roll a bit. When we were caught up by a commercial tug boat it came past us at quite a lick causing even more waves.
Arriving at Bank Dole lock, which drops us down onto the River Aire proper, we took a look at the river and although the water level isn't high we decided not to continue today and have moored up here for the night.

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