Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday 20th February 2012
At last I've completed the winter jigsaw. I always do one over our layup season. This one was interesting for me because many of the pieces didn't interlock but were only held in place by the surrounding pieces.
Yesterday we walking into town to catch the farmers market, this is a twice monthly event, separate from the main Leeds Market complex. Wow! some of the stalls were selling wonderful stuff (food). So tempting we had to try some. It's a good thing it isn't run more often or I'd end up the size of a house!
On a more downbeat theme, when we returned to the dock Cath was almost hit by some jerk who threw a cauliflower off a 2nd story balcony in the flats overlooking the dock. As I watched he came out again and threw another, this time hitting the water. I called the police, because if he hit a kid (or anybody I suppose) it could cause injury and he seemed proud of what he was doing. The police turned up about 6 hours later and said they really couldn't do anything about it except have a word with him.

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  1. At the price of cauliflowers he must have more money than sense!!


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