Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday 18 February 2012
A cautionary tale, which I'm sure I won't remember in future. Having acquired a "smart phone", my son hinted that he could improve the operating system, making it faster and more power efficient. Apparently this is a process known as "rooting" To be fair he did warn me that there was a small chance of the operation catastrophically affecting the phone, rendering it dead. All went well at first, but a snag reared its head and the thing needed some info he didn't have, so he took it away to work on it overnight. When he got home in the morning all was not well, the network at his company had blocked the file he needed and the whole phone had crashed, and appeared dead. it took him three days to finally get it back. He had to get into the deep bowels of the OS and rebuild it piece by piece until it would show signs of life. He then managed to get an upgraded OS onto it and all is well again. The thing definitely works faster.
On Friday we got a phone call early asking if we could babysit at short notice. Of course we could, so Liz  came straight over and picked us up. Little man was slightly under the weather and the nursery won't take them like that, in case they spread something nasty around the other inmates.
We had a lovely day entertaining him, finishing up with a fine Chinese take away meal before being driven home.
Today I will continue the long running saga of the bathroom improvements. The weather outside is very wet but I can do quite a bit without needing to get wet.

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