Monday, 6 February 2012

On Thursday I finally got off my lardy ass and continued with the bathroom project. I removed the tap and the small tiles which the top was covered with, before tackling the dodgy job. With some trepidation (I broke the first tile I tried this on) I started to cut the large hole needed in the tile to take the hand basin and got the rough shape of it removed without disaster.
On Friday I rested, I know it wasn't the  7th day but what the heck. 
Saturday, I launched back into it and have now got the hole out to the right size without breaking tile. That's it for the day as it's rugby this afternoon. While I type this France is destroying Italy.
Saturday afternoon, and it's at last snowing. They have been threatening us with it for some time now, but of course those chuffs at the met office have lost their pine cone and seaweed. The last couple of days have been fairly cold, with the dock here starting to freeze over. Now the snow is piling up on it and a winter scene is emerging.
Sunday I continued with the bathroom, doing the final cuts to shape of the tile outline. The whole thing seems to work quite well, except, as I thought it might, the tile is too thick to blend with the edging of the cupboard. I haven't made my mind up what I'm going to do about this yet.. We now await the delivery of the tap I ordered from ebay.
Great news to see England beat Scotland, although the victory was less than convincing. The Wales - Ireland match by contrast was a cracker of a game.
Monday morning and the snow is almost gone.

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