Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wednesday Feb. 8th. 2012
At last we have the bathroom sink back on action. The project isn't finished yet, but at least it all works. Cutting the small hole for the tap proved to be almost as challenging as the large centre hole for the sink. The last big job now is to remove the old edging strips along the front and replace them with hard wood strips which I will have to make from the left over floor boards I have. This will make a much neater job of it.
By the way, I bought the new tap from ebay and am very pleased with it. I can't tell the difference between it, at £16.00 brand new, and one in B&Q and many other outlets at between £50 and £100.
Yesterday Damon came along with Liz's big Fiat and took me out to get more fuel. It's still only 79.9/lt at this garage so I consider that a bargain in this climate. The temperature hasn't yet dropped to what the met office was predicting for this area, but I still don't want to run out of heating fuel.

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