Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday February 2th 21012
After several days waiting for the weather forecast to actually reflect reality we decided to pull the plug and go for a cruise. Ever since last Wednesday the Met Office has been promising us jam tomorrow, but when tomorrow came, it was going to be the next day and so on. Finally this morning we reckoned we could wait no more, and with the sky showing a little blue we chugged off down through Leeds Lock and onto the Aire and Caulder Navigation.
Our destination to day was Castleford and by 2.30 we were tied up in our favourite spot. I then took a wander into town to get some tonic so that Cath could have a gin tonight, I also splashed out on some cream to go with my banana tonight.
This is also the first test of the 3 WiFi dongle outside of Leeds, and so far so good. Where my phone's Orange signal died for part of the trip, the 3 signal stayed good all the way here.

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  1. We have a 3 wifi dongle for 2 years, in fact we've just upgraded it last week to the new model, we have cruised from Goole down to London (Paddington Basin) & back up to Llangollen & have always managed to get a signal sometimes a bit slow but it has never let us down. Mark has a vodaphone pay as you go which was for back up just in case & it's rubbish so good job we don't need it!


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