Saturday, 4 September 2010

In Lower Lode Lock, it's a big one!

Saturday 4th September

Last night the much needed fuel duly arrived along with Paul and Jacqui. Some of the fuel had spilled in the car so they now have a lovely smell to put up with for a while. Sorry Jacqui!

One of the local chinese takeaways provided a wonderful repast last night after all the work Paul and I put in lugging fuel cans about and dumping 5 of them into our fuel tank, the rest into our storage (the engine compartment).

Today we took a little trip downstream to the lock out onto the Severn, then turned left to Upper Lode lock for a short jaunt down to a pub called The Lower Lode. When we got there the mooring were stuffed full of cruisers so we went further down river hoping that the next one, Called The Yew Tree, hoping it would be less populated. It was, and after negotiating several flotillas of small sailing boats chasing each other around buoys in the river we moored up and sampled their menu. Very nice it was too.

Later we started back upstream and arrived back in the marina at about 4.30. Paul is working tomorrow so they had to pack up and go home leaving us to our own devices.

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