Monday, 27 September 2010

The Red Cone

Stewpony Lock, Staffs & Worcs Canal

Monday 27th September

Apart from a lot of dog barking somewhere over the hedge, the mooring was very peaceful with good views over the local countryside.

This morning we awoke to drizzle and gloom, but the weather forecast said that the rain would stop but the day would stay gloomy. In a very fine mizzle we plodded off down towards Stourton Locks and the junction of the Stourbridge Canal and the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal. The rain soon stopped just as the weatherman had predicted.

One thing I forgot to mention the other day is the clarity of the canal water here on the Stourbridge Canal, it's unbelievable, along almost its entire length we have been able to see the bottom, just like on a river. The lock gear is also very good, the design is light and easy to use, and the locks fill quickly.

After dropping through the 4 Stourton Locks (32ft) we joined the Staffs & Worcs at Stourton Junction and turned south for Stourport. The 4 Stourton locks and Stewpony Lock are very nicely turned out and show a lot of care by someone.

As soon as we started down the Staffs & Worcs I remembered some of its features, it is very shallow in places which slows the boat down. In a lot of places the canal is bordered by red sandstone cliff where the canal has been cut through. We dropped through a further 4 locks (37ft) and have stopped for the night at Cookley.

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