Monday, 20 September 2010

The temporary new cut

Monday 20th September

After a leisurely breakfast we set off on the final leg into Birmingham. As we passed the University there was a lot of work being done and a new road being laid which necessitated the moving of the canal. They've put in a very tricky little chicane which moves the canal sideways about 40 yds while they do the work. I think they will re-instate the old line of the cut when the work is complete.

We've moored up near Cambrian Wharf and walked around to Sherborne Wharf where I had agreed to meet a bloke who could provide us with a new satellite dish to replace the one that got destroyed by a tree. This guy is magic. The company, called Travelsat, was set up to cater for the satellite needs of boaters and he goes out of his way to provide a great service.

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