Saturday, 18 September 2010

The one you're looking for on the way up!
Part way up and going well

Saturday 18th September

We're at the top of Tardebigge Flight! After a reasonably early start this morning we set off to do the 6 locks of Stoke Flight and then the 30 of the famous Tardebigge Flight. The total rise for these two flights is 259ft. The journey took us 6 hours and I don't think we broke any records but like doing Caen Hill Flight there is a sense achievement and relief when you're finished. The weather was gorgeous and although it started cold the sun soon got going.

There are some lovely views of the countryside while coming up and the one from the top is worth the climb.

The top of this flight is actually the Birmingham Level so no more locks from here to the heart of Birmingham, Gas Street Basin.

Not long after we moored up it got very cloudy and is now raining, so once again we've beated the weatherman!

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