Wednesday, 1 September 2010

We went shopping in Evesham this morning, or at least tried to. The shopping centre was a great disappointment, many charity type shops, which we feel is indicative of a town not doing well.

Moving off down river, in wall to wall sunshine, we passsed through several locks, all with associated pretty weirs. The last lock we passed through today was Wyre Lock, near the village of Wyre Piddle. The river front here was lovely, with some very good looking houses backing down to the river. The lock was special as well, a diamond shape. Can't find any reason for this but it's different.

We are now at Pershore, and what a difference this place is from Evesham. A thriving little town with lots of excellent shops. The mooring is in parkland and looks glorious. Tomorrow we'll explore more.

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