Sunday, 12 September 2010

Moored at Upton on Severn

Friday 10th September

We had a good time last night. Paul and Jacqui turned up with some more fuel and we're now stuffed to the gunnals. After the transfer we all went into Frampton on Severn and had a meal in The Bell. It was great; Thursday was steak night and the meals were very good. We can recommend that place to all.

This morning we continued on our way to Gloucester, arriving about 12.30 our first call was at Sainsbury's for the rest of the stuff to make the blackberry jam. Cath soon got stuck into making it, and it's now cooling in the jars.

While the jam was being made I had a walk out and ended up wandering around Sainsbury's browsing the magazines etc. By shear luck I came across Chris, the partner of Nigel Horley, one of my old bosses and a friend. As soon as he heard we were in Gloucester they invited us out for a meal on Saturday night. We had a lovely time, ate too much of course, and then Chris gave us a bucket of fresh garden produce. Thanks a lot for everything to you both.

Sunday 12th September

Woke up to a glorious morning and decided to head for Upton on Severn. It's a long trip but the batteries needed a good charge and we had two loads of laundry so we could do with running the engine for a long day.

As we passed out of Gloucester lock the keeper asked 'Where are you going? Tewkesbury?' No, Upton we said. OK says he, but there's a big tide at midday so watch out, but you should be OK if you get a move on. Well, this should teach me to do my homework. I hadn't reckoned on the tide. Because of the high tide last night the river had been high and was now draining down ready for the next one so the flow was fairly brisk and progress was slow as we made our way out towards what's called The Upper Parting, this is where the river splits and some of it goes to the dock entrance and some goes around the city. Our pace picked up a bit as the river was wider so the flow was a bit slower. As the morning wore on and the tide came up our speed increased so that when we reached Lower Lode Lock we were up to 5.5 mph. The lock keeper asked us if it had been a difficult passage because the tide was very high, but we hadn't had any real problems at all.

After the lock, and the junction with The Avon, we continued north in much calmer waters. Along the way Cath spotted a kingfisher and I whipped out the camera for another try at that elusive picture. I got one, but it's still too far away and a bit fuzzy, but they're getting better.

On arrival at Upton we found the small mooring very full,but luckily there was one willing to let us moor alongside.

While we have been travelling Cath has been busy turning the tomatoes we were given yesterday into a lovely spicy sauce to go with our sausages tonight.

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