Sunday, 26 September 2010

There should be a picture of The Red Cone here but it wouldn't upload so I'll try tomorrow!!

Sunday 26th September

We visited the museum at The Red Cone this morning. Very interesting, the audio tour is fairly good, but the glass blowing demonstration wasn't the full affair. There was a learner being taught how to do it, and not being very successful. The cone itself was the furnace and the factory, shaped like it is to feed the fire and keep the glass working area close to the heat. It's a striking building and one of only a very few still left standing.

After the visit we decided to push on a little bit and descended the last 4 locks of the flight, passed the junction which carries the canal into the heart of Stourbridge (we did visit this place on our last trip) and went about another mile before mooring up for the night out in the countryside.

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