Monday, 16 May 2011

After moving on from Audlem Sunday we only travelled a few miles looking for a spot where I could get rid of some more ballest. As I have mentioned before we are too deep in the water as a result of my putting in too much of the stuff during the build. I still don't know how it happened, but it did.
To get at the stuff I have to dismantle the bed and floor covering before I can get at the plywood main decking. Having done this I managed to remove a fair bit more of the heavy stuff. It's dry as a bone down there which is a bit of a relief because I keep thinking that it could be water causing us to be too deep. the result is a small reduction in our draught, and every little bit helps. Hopefully it will allow us to get up the Llangollen. Only time will tell.
Today we continued on to Nantwitch, a good sized town the main centre of which is about a mile from the embankment which carries the canal. there is a long staircase up from the road to the level of the canal. We will stay here tomorrow and visit the health centre to get more prescription medicines as well as doing a big provisioning at the supermarket before moving on to the Llangollen Canal on Wednesday.

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