Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday 29th May
This morning started dull and wet, just as the forecasters had said. It was only very light so we set off heading for the first of the day's locks. The rain continued on and off during the three mile trip and let up just long enough for Cath to operate the lock. Another mile brought us to the service area where we used the facilities before heading up to the 4 Frankton Locks to wait for the lock keeper to let us out at midday.
Along with the rain there has been a stiff breeze all morning. When we arrived at the locks there were two boats already moored up waiting. With only room for two boats we managed to get a rope around the last bollard but there was nowhere to hold took the back rope. The wind took the back end across the canal and because there was no traffic I decided to just leave it there until boats started to move when I should be able to get onto the bollards. Bad move! I should have stayed back and used mooring pins in the bank. The back end got stuck and I had a devil of a job getting it to move against the wind when traffic did start. Life really got difficult but it was my fault for being lazy and not pinning out.
Too make matters worse our washing machine has developed a fault and I haven't been able to trace it. I think it is an intermittent earth fault when it starts to shake during the spin. It's going to be a sod to find!

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