Saturday, 28 May 2011

Saturday 28th May
When we got up this morning it was to find a dull day, with drizzle dampening everything. Luckily I could see a bit of sky starting to brighten up in the distance and soon we could see the sun. Setting off, our first lock of the day soon appeared, Aston top lock, with two more to follow at about 300 yd intervals.
The countryside gliding by was quiet and peaceful with the canal edges planted with irises and reeds. To keep the edges looking good there is a speed limit of 3 mph lowering to 2mph in some places in order to stop the wake from washing the soil away. As we have found around here the shallowness of the water makes going fast imposable for us anyway.
The limit of powered navigation at Maesbury Marsh was soon reached. Here there is a lift bridge which you go through before reaching the winding hole where you must turn around.
there is a fine cafe canalside where we lunched on bacon sandwiches. Wonderful local bacon!
After lunch we set off back and have now moored up in the same place as last night ready to get to the junction locks by 12.00 tomorrow.
As last night I tried to upload some pictures but the connection wouldn't have any of it so I'll try again tomorrow night.

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