Thursday, 19 May 2011

A lovely mooring
Wrenbury lift bridge
Thursday 19th May
A lovely bright sunshiny day greeted us when we surfaced this morning. A short stretch of canal brought us to the three locks of Baddiley flight. The canal is fairly busy, as we had expected, this is a very popular route, which means you usually meet people at locks which makes life much easier and of course you have a friendly chat as well.
After the locks we stopped near Wrenbury and I walked into the village to get some bread and this week's MCN. Another pretty, unspoiled place with a very small shop, but it provided what we wanted.
Carrying on we came across the first lift bridge we have seen for a long time and this was quickly followed by another one on the main road into the village. (see pic). One more lock, Marbury, and we started looking for a mooring. We've found a lovely spot, where, unusually, we have managed to get close into the side without grounding.

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