Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rising in Hurleston Locks
Wednesday 18th May
After a lovely couple of days in Nantwich we set off headed for the Llangollen Canal. We decided to travel a fair way today in order to give the batteries a good charge and cook a chicken in the slow cooker.
Despite the weathermen telling us it wouldn't rain it very quickly called them a liars and started to tip it down so we decided to moor up for a while and see if it would stop. After about 20 minutes it looked a lot brighter so we set off again. 10 minuets later I noticed that the rev counter wasn't working and suspected that the alternator/water pump belt had failed. Once again moor up and investigate. Sure enough it had lunched the belt but I carry a spare so no problem. In order to get to it the Travel Power drive belt must also be removed so I decided to change this one as well because it was the wrong length. When I bought it the place I got it from couldn't supply the correct 6PK1185 belt but offer one at 1190 so I took it. Turns out that the 5mm extra length did make a difference, although the belt worked, tightening it was difficult so now the correct one is in place and is much better.
Setting off again we soon reached Hurleston Junction and turned up the Llangollen. As soon as we started the locks the rain came down again. Once started you must complete the flight so we plodded on and then stopped at the top to let it blow over. After about half and hour the sky brightened so we set off again. This canal is a change from the wide, straight Shroppie. It's much narrower, and is shallow. Hopefully our 2'6" draught will pass through, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
We're now moored up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by beautiful countryside.

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