Monday, 9 May 2011

Norbury Junction

Monday 9th May

On Saturday we turned onto the Shropshire Union Canal heading north towards its junction with the Llangollen Canal. We've learned from looking in the canal guide that we not be able to travel the whole length of the Llangollen because we may be too deep draughted. The recommended maximum draught to get to the end is 21 inches and we are 29 at our best (low on fuel) and more usually 31 or 32. We'll have to see when we get there.

We had hoped to get to Wheaton Aston in time to catch the garage open for its cheap fuel but we got there 5 minutes late so we moved on up and found a good mooring out in the country. I then carried out an engine oil change and fuel filter change. Pumped the bottom of the fuel tank to check for sludge, found some but not too much. That night there was a cracking good thunder storm to freshen things up a bit,

Sunday we stayed put and relaxed because the garage didn't open.

Today we got up fairly early and started back to Wheaton getting there about 8.30. Unusually there was no queue for the fuel pump so we were straight in and filling up. We took nearly 300 litres which should last us nearly 2 months I hope.

Turning around again we set off intending to reach Norbury Junction in time for lunch. The bright sunshine started to cloud over around 11.00 o'clock and a sharp storm blew up as we travelled across Shelmore Embankment. I had hoped to get some descent pictures of this because it is one of the great achievements of the canal age. A massive embankment to carry the canal through the countryside without following contours or needing locks. It took a huge effort in an age when there was no machinery and to be fair it has had its troubles with leaks and collapses over the years. No pictures though because all the work is hidden by trees.

We're now moored up at Norbury for the night.

PS There's just been a terrific thunder and hail storm.

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