Friday, 20 May 2011

Wonderful lock cottage at Grindley Brook
Rising in Grindley Brook staircase locks
The canal continues its lovely rural way through the Shropshire countryside. The occasional lock breaking into our lazy wander along the way.
Although the sun is doing its best to shine there is a fair bit of cloud and a strong breeze which adds to the feeling of chill. This is flat Shropshire dairy country so the canal isn't very curvy and there are some longish straight stretches.
We soon arrive at Grindley Brook locks. Here there are 3 conventional locks and then a staircase of 3 more. In all the rise is 38 ft. the staircase has a lock keeper to assist and make sure you don't make a mess of the procedure. At the top of the staircase is a lovely Thomas Telford lock cottage, and at the bottom is a cafe and stores where a lot of people gather to watch the boats going through.
We've moored up just above the lock flight and will take a short trip tomorrow only as far as Whitchurch

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