Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Butter Cross, Market Drayton
We decided to move on today, but before we did I thought it was time I got the bike out again. I haven't been riding it because any exertion made me too out of breath but I've improved lately so I oiled up the cogs and chain and set off for town. This trip was necessitated by my silly trick of taking some pictures in town yesterday but when I got back to the boat finding I hadn't put the memory card back in. Doh!
The ride went ok so I'm looking forward to doing more riding in the future.
After that we set off for a short day, only travelling few miles and then dropping through the 5 Adderley Locks before tying up for the day.
At Adderley top lock there was a charming lady selling fresh scones, cakes and among other things some home cured bacon. I had a small cake (well it is my borthday!) and we also got some of the bacon, it looks wonderful, we hope it lives up to the promise.

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