Wednesday, 13 July 2011

7 boats pack into Vale Royal Lock
And all stream out again
Wednesday 13th July
Yesterday we once again dropped down onto the River Weaver and headed for Northwich. On the way we came across a stranded boater who had strayed too close to the edge and become stuck. We drew up to his bow and pulled him off easily. Luckily when we got to town we found a good mooring spot, sometimes they're in short supply around here.
This morning I wandered up to the local medical centre to see if I could get a prescription signed. It's amazing how the different PCTs and practices deal with visitors. In some places they they can be very unhelpful while in others, like here, the receptionist got me in within 30 minutes, and I didn't even have to produce my old scrip, he just asked if I could remember what I needed and he wrote it out then and there.
With that sorted out we set off for Winsford, passing through Hunt's Lock and Vale Royal Lock before mooring at Newbridge swingbridge for the night.
After a frustrating time trying to find a replacement photo stitching programme I think I've found a good one. I tried several free offerings, but they were hopeless, then I found a surprise. Microsoft do a free programme called Microsoft ICE, and not only does it work but it works well. the results can be seen in the pictures above.

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