Monday, 11 July 2011

Monday 11th July
We're back! After your's truly pulled a stupid trick we were left without a computer or internet connection. I moved one of our chairs and the computer power lead was wrapped around the stand, this dragged the laptop off the cupboard where it was standing, it bounced off the floor doing it no good at all.
Paul and Jacqui were visiting over the weekend so once again to the rescue Paul ran me around the shops looking for a new replacement and after a browse around PC World I choose this one. Now the problem of trying to recover the data from the old one. I'm managing to get most of it but the photo stitching programme isn't playing ball. The website says that I bought it before 2009 so my product key is no longer valid as they've upgraded it and I'll have to pay for the new version. I went through this same thing in about 2008 where I had to purchase a newer version when I changed computers so I damned if I'm doing it again.
Anyway rant over. We had a fine weekend, and, as promised our guests brought fine weather with them, at least for Saturday. We cruised the River Weaver, taking in some of its glorious scenery. On Saturday night we moored up at Dutton Locks and had a BBQ, and too much to drink as usual.
Sunday the mojo deserted us, and as we made our way towards the Anderton Lift the rain persisted down. Luckily it stopped for our ride up. At the top we moored up at The Stanley Arms pub while Paul ran me back into Northwich to pick up the new computer. Lunch in the pub followed by an afternoon of trying to sort out the toy. All too soon it was time for them to head for home, something about work I think.
This morning we meandered down to the services area to do all the usual things, then a bit further on to find somewhere to wind (turn around) and now we're back at the lift and will go down to the river again tomorrow to do some more exploring.
I don't know why but Blogger seems to have put the pictures at the bottom this time

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