Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Shady passage

Lovely canal-side property

Bugsworth Basin
Wednesday 27th July
This morning we set off from Marple heading for Whaley Bridge. The sun was shining properly for the first time in several days as we cruised along through glorious scenery. The only downside of this canal is its depth. Like a lot of this summit level, from the top of Bosley Locks, all the way to the end it is very shallow, making mooring and passing other boats difficult. The views you get make up for all the shortcomings though.
We made it Whaley Bridge, but once there found that it wasn't much to see, and once again the mooring was not  ideal. the decision was taken to move on and go to the other terminus of this canal at Bugsworth Basin. This place has a very interesting history as it was a major source of lime. All around here used to be kilns for the firing of the stone to obtain the lime for building and farming uses. Today all that is left is the canal basin itself, and that is only available due to the hard work put in by the Inland Waterways Protection Society. It's a very tranquil place now, but in its heyday they reckon the noise and smoke were horrendous.

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