Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Entering lock 54 Trent & Mersey Canal
Last night, after seeing all the traffic moving on the canal we decided to try an even earlier start. At the crack of 7.00 o'clock I leapt our of bed, only to hear a boat going past heading for the lock. So much for an early start to beat the traffic!
After breakfast we set off, and it looked as if we might have a clear run. The first lock was against us, but at least there was no queue. Having risen in that one we were confronted with the sight of a boat ahead of us in the next lock, and it soon became clear that they were real slow coaches. Filling the lock took them an age because they only opened the paddles a small amount to stop any turbulence. You want to yell at them "They're made of steel, they can take it!" but of course you don't.
The weather stayed better today, no sunshine but at least no rain either. We wandered along, rising through 14 locks, as far as Thurlwood where we moored up for the day. We should reach the summit level tomorrow and hence onto the Macclesfield Canal.

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